Do you use the term manager or leader in your company? Depending on your answer, that terminology should be reflected in the Winningtemp questions. 

If you want to edit questions to use the wordings that your organisation is familiar with, please follow these guidelines:

Admin view > Survey > Question mailing > Customise questions

Here you can edit each question. Please note that you might just want to a change a word or two, not the whole sentence. Our questions are derived from research and have been shown to measure well-being in several studies. Changing them too much might impact the accuracy of the data. If you want to add your own questions, please do so under the tab called "Custom questions" in the same view. 

You can also activate and deactivate certain questions in this overview. For example, if you do not have an official vision for your company, then we would suggest that you deactivate the question about that. You can do this by clicking the ON/OFF switch to the right. 

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