This is a "How to" guide for the goal module from a user perspective.

The goal feature is found in the left side menu under the category Work. Then click Goals tab and My goals.

Click the Create goal button to create your goal. 

Step 1.
Set a Name for the goal and a deadline/time frame. To clarify you may add an description (optional).  

Step 2.
Is the goal measurable?
If yes, you get three choices. Manual, Underlying goal and Underlying activities. 

In this example we choose Manual.
Pick a unit and a target value you want to achieve.
Final part of this step is to set a category for the goal. The category is there to make it easier when sorting between all your goals. 

Step 3.
This step is divided in four parts. 


Choose if the goal should be shared in the live feed.


Whom is this for?
Who is responsible?
Do this goal contributes to another goal?
Is this a personal goal or should other people/groups contribute to the goal?

If the goal is only connected to you, only you and your manager can see the goal. It is connected to a group, all users in the group can see the goal.


Is the goal completed or not?


Is there a description or a set of rules? Add an attachment to the goal

Step 4.
Answer a question concerining the goal and click Done to save. 

That is it! You have created your first goal in Winningtemp!

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