In this guide, you will learn, step by step, how to create a milestone. 

Please note that this is an example and ONE way to use the Milestone feature. Please feel free to experiment if you have other ways to use it. :)

In total there are four steps:

  1. Schedule the meeting (manager)
  2. Confirm the date and prepare by filling out the form (user)
  3. Complete your notes during the meeting with the employee (manager)
  4. Confirm the milestone by answering the question "was this milestone useful to you?" with the smilies. (user) 

Step 1 (Manager):

The manager has an upcoming performance review to do with one of his employees. The review is set to be done during a couple of weeks so he/she enters winningtemp to send an invite to his employee.

Chose the template for this specific meeting: 

Send an invite to the employee: 

Once you've clicked next and sent invite an ICS calendar file will land in the employee's inbox. 

(This is what the employee sees):

Step 2 (User):
When the user clicks "show milestone" he/she can confirm or reschedule.

The User should now prepare for the meeting by answering the questions.

Step 3 (Manager):

Open the milestone and take notes during the meeting. You can easily swap between your summary and the response from the user. 

Once you're done, click the publish button. If the meeting takes too long you can always save a draft and come back to finish up later. :)

Step 4 (User):

The user receives an email to confirm the milestone. It can also be found within the system as a notification in the top right corner. Click the button/notification

Once this is done you will see that the milestone is confirmed. You can always go back to this milestone and follow up on the answers. 

That is, you've completed your first milestone. 

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