It's crucial to set clear, realistic, and engaging goals to motivate and inspire your employees. Setting goals and following up on the progress help clarify focus areas and performance expectations.

The goal functionality helps employers to create, visualise, and administer goals on an individual, team, and organisational level. It also displays goal progression and fulfilment. Additionally, you can connect secondary goals to the primary ones and update progress as you achieve them.

There is also the possibility to choose different goal categories (for example result, strategy, and training) as well as to connect goals to specific parts of the organisation (geographic area or function for example). 

If you want to know more about how to add a goal in Winningtemp, please click on the preferred box below:

Below, you can see some examples of how the goal function can look in Winningtemp:

Here's how an individual goal looks like:

Here's a notification in the Live feed that I have created a new goal:

The tree-view displaying goal progression and how all goals in the organisation are connected to each other:

Note that the Goal- function is an additional service in Winningtemp. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you are interested in this function. 

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