What your manager can or can not see depends on the settings made by your system administrator and on the Winningtemp package that you have. However, it is very important to note that your manager can never see the smiley that a specific employee has chosen to answer with or who wrote a particular comment. You always answer the questions anonymously in Winningtemp!

Your manager can, for example, see the following:

  • The overall temperature for the team and mean values for each questions category.
  • Response rate and user statistics. For example how many in the team have been logged in and answered the questions?
  • Trends, has the mean value changed during the last 30 days?
  • Mean value per question and how many times each smiley has been used (but not who choose which smiley).
  • Comments per question (but not who wrote them)
  • Trend curves over time. For example, you can see if the question category "Job satisfaction" has changed a lot during the last year.
  • See and usually administer the user catalogue, which means that the manager can edit, add or remove users from his/her team. 

If your company have the additional functionality called "Goals and follow-ups", the manager can also:

  • Create goals for each individual in his/her team and connect these to overarching goals for the department or organisation.
  • Add notes before and after a performance review
  • Add notes about a follow- up meeting or shorter conversation. 

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