Before your first send out:

What to consider when you have been using Winningtemp for less than 2 weeks:

  • Update the user directory if an employee starts or quits. Pause accounts for employees who are e.g. on parental leave or on a long sick leave.
  • Mention the company temperature in newsletters or big meetings. It is important that you talk about Winningtemp and how you will act upon the feedback you will receive. Otherwise, employees might lose interest and stop answering the question mailings. You can use the PDF report for this. (The report is a part of the Insights package)
  • Do you want a benchmark to follow up on at e.g. board meetings? Many of our customers use monthly checkpoints and set goals for these. Checkpoints can, for instance, be eNPS, the commitment temperature or the total temperature.
  • Is the holiday season coming up? You can Pause question mailings during the holiday season by Switching to admin view > Survey > Pause mailings.
  • Keep an eye on the statistics tab and note if the response rate of any group is low. Why is it low? Does the manager or team need support?
  • What's been working good in the organisation and how can you identify the success factors and encourage them? Share success stories in a manager forum or meeting, it motivates a lot!
  • You can make your own surveys if you want! You make them in Admin view  > Survey > Custom Question
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