My training is an add-on in Winnigtemp, that helps you gather data about each employee's learning in your company. In "My Training" you can add e-learnings, instructor-led courses, seminars, workshops, and fairs.
When an employee has signed up for training, it will be visible in their PDF report. 

If you have bought this function, there will be a tab in the left menu in the user view called "My Training". In the Admin view, it is called "Skills".

As a user, you can see your completed and planned courses and training under the tab "My training". Administrators add new courses under the tab "Skills".

Below, you'll see a few examples of how the function can look like in the system:

  • Create training programme (E-learnings can be added in TinCan- format).
  • The user view in "My Training". All courses are gathered here.
  • Example of an employee profile PDF with registered courses.

Are you curious and would like to know more about the My Training add-on? Contact your Customer Success Manager at Winningtem!

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