Did the employees appreciate last Thursday’s conference?

What do the co-workers in the Finance department think of the new way of working that we recently implemented?

How do our new employees experience their first couple of months with us?

You can get measurable data on these questions by adding your own questions in the survey engine – it's an opportunity for you to get instant feedback from the employees. Further down in this article you’ll find a paragraph describing how to activate your created category so that you’ll be able to see the results under Overview. Remember that no data will be shown before the anonymity level is reached

How to create questions:

Switch to Admin view and click on Survey in the menu to the left. Go to Custom questions, Question banks and finally Create question bank

Here you add a Category (create a new one or use an existing one) and enter a Name for the question bank. Also choose a Start date, when the questions will begin to be sent out, and an End date – when the questions no longer should be sent out. 

Then you choose if the question bank should be included in Winningtemp’s standard question mailings:

If the question bank should be continuous:

Or if the question bank should be sent out as a separate mailing with all the created questions. If you choose this alternative you must choose the frequency of the mailing: 

The alternative At start date means that the questions will be sent out once - on the date you chose as the Start date. You can, for instance, also choose weekly, monthly or yearly. 

Now it’s time to add the questions! You can add as many as you wish, just use the button Add question. If you have employees getting the questions in different languages, you must add translations of the questions you create – in all the languages used in your organisation. 

Finally, you choose who will get the questions. If the survey is meant for everyone, click on On where it says Connect to all users in …. If the questions should only be sent out to specific users you use the button Add user, and if the questions will be sent out to specific groups you use Add group. 

So, what do you have to do to be able to see the results?   

Go to Settings and under System, click on Temperature. Choose Admin view and choose Custom categories. Activate your created category by marking the box, press Save. If you now go to Overview, you’ll see one more category furthest down on the dashboard. 

If you want to show the category for the employees as well – do the same setting under User view (next to Admin view). 

Remember that no data will show before the anonymity lever is reached! 

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