If you want to measure the temperature of various departments or functions other than on a broader group level, you can add Segments. This feature lets you measure cross-functionally and to get even more value out of Winningtemp!

How to create Segments:

Switch to Admin view and go to Administration on the menu to the left. Choose Segments and click on Create segment. 

Enter a Name for the segment and choose what kind of segment you're about to create:

Before you click on “Save”, make sure to assign permissions. As a system administrator, you will always have permission to see the segments but a group administrator should also have the permission to a segment.

Save – and you have created your first segment!

Now it’s time to add users! Hover over the name of the segment with your pointer and a menu appears. Click on “Add user” and start adding the employees you want to include in the segment. Save, and you are done!

To see the segments, go to Overview and choose Segments in the roll-down menu:

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