Winningtemp is the most comprehensive employee experience solution in the market right now.

With the help of scientific studies and artificial intelligence, the platform helps you visualise your employees' happiness and well-being in real-time. To make things more interesting, it provides valuable suggestions that strengthen engagement and productivity and minimises staff turnover.

In other words, it's a perfect stepping stone towards creating a better and more efficient organisation. Having said that, it's also crucial to get started right away to get the results as quickly as possible.

Results will follow

On average, our customers have reduced their staff turnover by 30% after using Winningtemp for one year!

The platform helps your organisation adopt an agile way of working but note that there's a learning curve behind the journey. The truly impressive results are recorded usually after five or six months of usage. As more and more data get stored, the system algorithm receives the opportunity to learn more, and your organisation gradually shifts towards better governance. We'd recommend you to avoid setting an expectation of reaching the goals within 90 days.

The first three months paves the way for your company to reach its goals in the simplest way possible. Of course, one should continuously optimise as the company develops. Still, it pays to have a responsive approach to the transition that begins during the pilot period.

Trust our expertise

Your Customer Success Manager will be your guide and adviser during these three months (and throughout the rest of your journey with us). They will help you reach the maximum ROI and along the way, give you valuable insights into how to customise the system to suit your needs better.

Three crucial factors

By choosing Winningtemp, you have decided to facilitate a more productive workplace, and that task requires commitment. To truly succeed, you must integrate these three factors into the organisation:

Insight - Effective Performance Management signifies a new way of working - the age-old traditions will be challenged, and the working methods concerning the management and internal communication will change. Prepare your management team for this.

Clarity - Have a clear vision about the purpose of using Winningtemp.
What goals do you want to achieve, and what should you prioritise? Create an internal consensus on goals and expectations.

Transparency - A positive change also requires commitment from employees. It is vital to talk internally about Winningtemp, what positive changes you want to make, and how you're going to do it. Run regular sessions where you continuously go through the insights Winningtemp provides and ensure that all the talking points are covered.

The overall process

Technically, setting up Winningtemp is very simple. You won't need the help of your IT department as Winningtemp is a cloud-based service that does not need to be installed locally. Our customers usually implement the platform in 1-2 hours with the help of our CS managers. You can ignore the technical aspects and focus on initiating the transition process.

Your pilot installation will be followed by a clear and well-defined game plan, which of course can be adapted to individual needs but contains the following steps:

Day 1: Start-up meeting

Your CS Manager will meet with the system administrators. They go through the settings, FAQs, and create an action plan based on your goals.

Week 2: Check-in before the first dispatch

About a week after the start-up meeting, your first questionnaire should be sent out. Prior to this, we tune in to ensure that all employees are informed and that everything is ready for take-off.

Week 2 - 4: Manager training

During these two weeks, the managers (eventually followed the entire management team) receives an extensive tour of the platform. The success factors and the mode of operation are decided internally. The timeline should be discussed during the start-up meeting.

Month 2: Follow-up 1

We follow-up with the system administrators - How was the first month? What do the employees say? What do the leaders say? Does the project plan need to be revised? Do you need more support from your Customer Success Manager?

Month 3: Follow-up 2

By the third month, the system collects quite a considerable amount of data from the past activities. We analyse the measurement together and find out how the company's temperature looks like in comparison with the industry index. Also on the agenda - If there's any specific insight that needs to be discussed.

The first 90 days with Winningtemp certainly involves a lot of action from both ends, but we assure you that most of our customers experience the difference by the end of the third month. In fact, less than 5% of our pilot customers chose to cancel after the first 90 days!

Let's get through these three months together and strive to create a happier workplace and a positive and productive workforce!

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