How many supplemental categories can I activate in the same survey?

Supplemental categories are a great way to get further details and deeper insights into the well-being of your employees, but it's also crucial to consider the implication of using too many question categories at the same time. To protect the quality of our surveys, you can activate a maximum of five supplemental categories at the same time. 


Why is there a limit to how many supplemental categories I can add?

Our goal is to make sure that team leaders, senior management and HR representatives continuously have access to valuable data in Winningtemp and to avoid categories with hidden temperatures/question marks. Read more about hidden temperature here: Why is the temperature hidden?

Adding more than five supplemental categories at the same time makes it harder for the employees to answer enough questions in each category to reach the anonymity threshold, and you'll most likely have categories that are unable to display data in your dashboard. To avoid this and to make sure you get the most value out of Winningtemp you can activate five supplemental categories at the same time. Read more about the anonymity threshold here: How Winningtemp protects your anonymity.

What happens if I add too many categories?

Once you added five supplemental categories, you cannot activate any other categories and the toggle is greyed out. See the image below.



Further reading - "Why five?" (advanced reading)

When we analysed the collected data, we saw that 8 questions were the maximum amount of weekly questions before it started to hurt the response rate. With 8 questions per week and data visible for 3 months (standard in Winningtemp), we came to this conclusion:

1 survey per week - for 3 months - 8 questions per mailing =  4(weeks) x3(months) x8(questions) = 96. You can activate 96 questions in total.

With 69 questions in our standard categories, there are 27 questions left until we reach the maximum of 96 questions. (96 total questions - 69 standard questions = 27 questions left).

There are roughly 5 questions in each supplemental category. 27 questions /5 questions per supplemental category = 5,4. (rounded off to 5).

Conclusion = If you send out 8 questions on a weekly basis, you can avoid categories with hidden temperatures/question marks by activating a maximum of 5 supplemental categories at the same time.

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