What are Guided Temperature Meetings?

Which plan?

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Guided Temperature Meetings are in-app meetings with interactive parts, which help you involve everyone in the team. Team or group members join the meeting in Winningtemp where they can participate and share their input about the work environment. The meeting is run by the Host with the help of the presenter view in Winningtemp.

To make it as accessible as possible, you can join a temperature meeting from the Winningtemp App or use the browser on your computer. 

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Who is it for?

A guided temperature meeting is for teams to work together in a collaborative process of inquiry by focusing on strengths to create a better overall experience and ultimately improve work engagement.

What do you talk about?

Teams talk about the Temperature category in focus. The discussion is guided by using a set of questions that are designed using the appreciative inquiry framework, which helps identify and leverage team strengths, success and positive aspects to create a more desirable experience for the team.


Why should I have temperature meetings with the team?

Temperature meetings inspire teams to work together, adapt to change, and achieve their goals more effectively. They use a strengths-based approach to encourage teams to embrace positivity, collaboration and innovation to enhance team performance.

Commitments - the outcome of the meeting

Commitments are topics that have been collaboratively discussed and something you have agreed to work towards. These could be actions, behaviour changes, or any promises that team members make to bring about meaningful change. Learn more about commitments here: How do you work with guided temperature meetings?


Each temperature meeting starts with a follow-up of the commitments and data points from the previous temperature meeting. This is an opportunity to remind yourselves what you agreed to work towards and revise the progress and relevance of your commitments. 

Who can create a guided temperature meeting?

Managers and system administrators.

How do you create a guided temperature meeting?

You follow the steps outlined here: How to create a guided temperature meeting

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