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In this article, you'll find information about the different roles and permissions available in Winningtemp. A role in Winningtemp determines the actions and capabilities available to a user within the system. The role is built upon a set of permissions that provide users access to various data, features, and permissions enabling them to view, edit, create, and/or delete.


How to assign a role

Read more here 👉🏻 Assign and edit roles


If no roles are assigned, an employee automatically becomes a User in Winningtemp. When an employee is added as a user in a group or segment, that's where they contribute temperature data unless assigned the manager's permission.

Read more here 👉🏻 User role

Standard roles

Below are Winningtemp's different Standard roles available with various visibility and access levels. Are you looking for more detailed information about each role and their permissions? Click here 👉🏻 Standard roles

Admin permissions

  • System Administrator
    The first role assigned is the System Administrator, which holds the highest level of permissions within the organization. Ideally, only a small number of individuals are usually granted this role.
  • Support
    The support role can assist with user administration, such as deactivating users, creating new users, or assigning managers to the correct group. Has access to the same settings and tabs as the System administrator but cannot view data such as temperature and comments.
  • Admin (In Closed Beta)
    The admin can access specific parts of the organization (assigned groups/segments) to ensure they only access relevant information. For instance, they can administer users, pause users, and move/remove them to groups/segments. However, they cannot override the initial high-level setup established by the System administrator.

People & Analytics Permissions

  • HR Leader (In closed Beta)
    The HR Leader, such as the HRBP (HR Business Partner), can for example work with the people strategy and be tasked with aligning business objectives and supporting management within their business unit. HR Leaders will be granted access to only essential and relevant information about their teams, including temperature results, comments, and other pertinent data.
  • People Analyst (Coming Soon)
    Coming soon in the Act, Empower, and Expand package. This role provides a bird's-eye view of analytics and data, allowing individuals to deep dive into the details for the assigned teams. There is no access to sensitive data such as comments and insights. The goal is to make data-driven decisions for the organization's people and business strategy by placing people-data at the forefront. 

Leader Permissions

  • Manager
    You can ensure that leaders have access to relevant temperature data, comments, and insights for their team or teams. Having a manager assigned to a team makes it easier to follow up on results and engage in continuous dialogues on how to improve or maintain the temperature data. The Manager also has access to 1:1 meetings such as Follow-up or Milestone meetings.

    The manager is not an actual role but rather a permission within a group.

Multiple roles

Multiple roles can be assigned to a user, and several users can be assigned to a role.

Role and permission report

As a System administrator, you can download a report of the roles assigned in your organisation. Read more here 👉🏻 Role and Permission Report

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