Where can I find Notifications in Winningtemp?

Every time you get survey questions from Winningtemp you get notified in 3 ways:

  1. By mail - You can answer the survey directly in the mail.
  2. In the Winningtemp app - Don't forget to turn on push notifications on your phone.
  3. In Winningtemp - You find unanswered surveys under the bell in the upper right corner.


If you want, you can modify the notifications here:  

  1. Click My profile 
  2. Click Notifications

Winningtemp sends you emails and push-notifications. Here's a guide for when you want to adjust your settings for push notifications.

Choose which way you'd like to receive notifications by checking the boxes. Note that this is set to "on" for all per default.


Don't forget to click Save in the bottom right corner.

We always recommend you have all notifications on for the questions. In fact, you can't turn them all off.

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