How to add a manager to a group

Adding managers to groups is important to ensure you have someone responsible who can get an overview of the group temperature, respond to comments and more. Adding managers makes it easier to start discussing and working with the temperature. 

Let's set up a new manager 

  1. Go to the Admin view
  2. Click Administration in the left field
  3. Under Groups, you'll see all the different groups in your organisation
  4. Click your way to the desired group using the navigation, or search for the group 

You should now have found the group that you would like to add a manager to, so here's how to do it:

  1. Click Add users/manager
  2. Find the user you would like to add as the manager in the navigation or use the search field
  3. Click on the user
  4. Click Add as manager.

Is the user already in the group the user should be the manager for?

  1. Go to the Group
  2. Click on Users
  3. Click on the three dots next to the user
  4. Select Make manager

Good to know

  • By adding someone as a manager, he/she will also be a manager for all the subgroups in the hierarchy. If your "finance" department has four different groups in it, you just need to add the person as manager to the highest level and the same rules will apply to any subgroups.
  • A user cannot be both a manager and a user in the same group. If you add a manager who's already a user in the same group, he/she will automatically be removed from the group. 


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