What do the different roles in the user directory mean?

In Winningtemp there are a couple of different roles you can assign a user in the User directory. Let's go through each of the different roles and how they work.


  • The user role is the most common role and is designed for all employees at the company.
  • A user can usually see the temperature for the team he/she is in but can vary depending on how your system administrator set up the account.
  • Cannot make changes except for the user's own account.
  • Selected through: Admin view -> Administration - User directory - click on a user -> select User under role.

Group administrator

  • It is typically a group or department manager.
  • A group administrator can see the temperature and comments of the group or department that he/she is responsible for (when the required anonymity level is reached).
  • In Admin view -> Settings -> System you, as a system administrator, can decide if you want the group administrators to have the ability to invite and edit users.
  • How to add an administrator for a group

System administrator

  • The system administrator has the right to make all changes in the system settings of the organization.
  • Has access to all administrative settings and features.
  • The system administrator can also see the temperature and comments (anonymous) of the whole organization.
  • A system administrator can also change access to group administrators so they can create their own survey mailing.
  • Selected through: Admin view -> Administration - User directory - click on a user -> select System administrator under role.


Support role

  • The support role is usually someone that helps the system administrator with administrative tasks.
  • The support user will get access to the same settings and tabs as the system administrator but will not be able to see any data such as temperature or comments. 
  • Can help out with organization structure or user directory tasks such as inactivating users, creating new users, and assigning group administrators to the right group.
  • Selected through: Admin view -> Administration - User directory - click on a user -> select Support under role.


Good to know

Winningtemp is always protecting the anonymity of the user. That means that even though the system- or group administrators can see more information than the users they still can't see anything that can be associated with a particular individual.


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2021-10-19 - Added more details and screenshot on group administrators access.
2021-10-08 - Rewrote entire article and added user and support role.

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