Integrate Winningtemp with Slack

Accessibility and simplicity are key - our integration with Slack makes it simple to answer our surveys. You receive a notification directly in Slack and voila, the survey is just a click away. 

For employees  

The Slack integration for employees sends a message from the Winningtemp app when there is a new question mailing. Click on the notification, and the survey opens in the browser.

Get started!

  1. Follow the instructions in: Add apps to your Slack workspace for more information.

For System Administrators

System Administrators can configure Winningtemp to send notifications to one or several preferred Slack channels. This allows you to alert all employees when there's a new survey to answer. The notification message is: "There are new questions to answer," and clicking the link opens the questions in your web browser.

Setting up this integration requires you to be a permanent Slack Administrator and a System Administrator in Winningtemp.

Get started!

  1. From the Admin view, click Settings
  2. Click Apps
  3. Click Add to Slack
  4. Click Add to Slack and select the Slack channel(s) that you prefer for the Winningtemp notifications

screenshot-rocks (10).png

Good to know

  • If the user who initially set up the Slack integration is no longer a System Administrator for Winningtemp or Slack, the integration will become inactive. In such a scenario, you'll need to reconfigure the integration. For further assistance and to invalidate the previous authentication keys, please reach out to Winningtemp support or your Customer Success Manager.
  • If your organization uses Multiple surveys, a notification for each survey will be visible in Slack, and the link will only be active if you are a recipient of that survey.

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