How to use goal progression

You have created a goal in Winningtemp and now, you want to update how far you have come. Here are two examples of how to do that.


Example 1: A non- measurable goal

Sometimes we have goals that aren't easy to measure in percentage or currency. This can, for example, be when you want to improve a specific skill or learn a new system. If you have such a goal and want to mark it as completed, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Open your goal by clicking on "Work" in your menu to the left. If you are a system administrator or group administrator, please make sure that you are logged into your user view.




Step 2: Hold the mouse over the goal that you want to update, and then click "Edit".




Step 3: Here you can see all the details about your goal. Under the tab called "Status", you can mark the goal as completed.




You can also just click on the goal text and click the box "completed" in that view.




Example 2: You have a goal that can be measured in percentage, quantity or currency.

Let's say that you have a goal to sign with 5 new customers this month, and you have recently signed with 2 of those 5. You can update this goal progression by completing step 1 above and then click on the goal.




Step 2: Fill in the number of signed customers in the box called "Results Pcs". In this case, I write "2". 




In the box called "Description", you can write which companies that you have signed with so that you easily can track your own milestones. Note that this is not mandatory.


If you leave the box "Show update in live feed" filled, this update will be shown in the live feed for all employees in your company (the first page when you log in). Then they can like the activity and also write a positive comment. If you don't want this kind of attention, just unclick the box. 


When you are done, click "Save". 


Now you can see the updated progression under the goal and how far you have come. In this case, I have reached 40% of my goal:




This is what it looks like when the activity is shared on the live feed:



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