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To begin with, it is only the system administrator that can create organisational goals. Group administrators (most often the managers within the company) can create team goals and individual goals for each team member. This guide, however, will focus on how a system administrator can create an overarching goal for the whole company.
This helps to further communicate the vision for the company and how department- or team goals connect to this. 


  • First, enter the Admin view.
  • Then click Administration > Goal > Organisational goals > Create goal



Add a name to the goal. Something straightforward preferably, that communicates the vision easily. 


Then add a valid time period for the goal, usually a year. 


If the goal is measurable in percentage, quantity, or currency you can click the box named "Measurable" and add that value. For example, if you want to reach 2 million in revenue during the year, you click the "Measurable"- box, "currency" under the Unit and then 2000000 in the field called Target value. 




You may also have noticed the boxes called "Manual", "Underlying goal" and "Underlying activities". Shortly, these are used when you have an underlying goal that connects to an organisational goal (like the one created here).

The next step is to choose a proper category for the goal: Affiliation, Market, Result, Strategy or Training. In the revenue example above, the best category would be "Result". 


After that you have 4 different tabs:

Visibility: Here you can choose if the goal should be announced in your Live feed or not (which is the first page that every user see when they log into Winningtemp).  

Connections: Who is responsible and do you want to connect this goal to another goal within the company? Under this tab, you can also choose if this a goal that concerns the whole company or just a specific department or area. For example, a particular goal might only apply for the operations in England. If that is the case, this can be adjusted here.

Status: Here you can set the status to "completed" if the goal is already reached.

Details: Add an attachment if needed.




Lastly, click Done and the goal is created. 

Under Administration > Goal > Treeview, you can see an overview of all the goals and how they connect to each other. Here is an example for a demo account:


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