How to create Segments

With segments, you can collect data for specific groups or types of users without affecting your group structure. Segments will only collect answers from users connected to the segment, never any comments or insights. This way you can see the temperature of all users from a specific country, or working on a project or a specific role.

Segments are only visible to managers and system administrators.

How to create a segment

  1. Go to Admin view
  2. Click on Administration and then Segments
  3. Click on Create segment
  4. Add a name and category (type) for your segment
  5. To manage the permissions of the segment, you switch to the Assign permissions tab.
  6. Here, you can toggle if all managers should be able to see the segment. If you set the toggle to “No” you can assign a specific manager that will see and administrate the segment. (System administrators will always see all segments) If you set the toggle to “Yes”, all managers  will see the segment.
  7. After you have set your permissions, press Save


Good to know

You will be able to see temperature data for the segment from the creation date and forward. However, it could take a little while before the temperature shows since we need to collect new data.   

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