What is the Conversation feature?

Conversations are an anonymous chat functionality in Winningtemp that allows the responsible manager, or the system administrator, to respond to comments provided by the team members through the surveys or the daily question. The purpose of this functionality is that employees should be able to provide their most honest feedback, give a sincere answer to the questions asked and for the managers to ask further questions or simply say thanks for the feedback.

Please note that the employee is always anonymous. The employee can see that it is the manager or the system administrator that answered their comment, but the manager or the system administrator can not see who they are chatting with. 

With this functionality, the employees can share constructive feedback, ideas, and concerns, while the managers can ask follow-up questions to further understand the issue which can prove to be crucial for the work environment within the team. 

You can see an example below. In this case, the manager is called Anna Svensson and as you can see the employee is anonymous but he or she can see that it is Anna that has answered their comment. 


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