What is "Check-in"?

Check-in is a feature that allows users who don't have a smartphone or computer to answer the survey questions. All you need is one computer or tablet with easy access for all users. The user logs in with a personal four-digit code, answers the questions and then logs out.  

It's a perfect solution if you have co-workers in a factory, and you still want everyone to be able to contribute to the temperature.

How to activate check-in

Activating check-in is super easy. Start by:

  1. Go to the Admin view in Winningtemp
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Apps
  4. Click Check-in
  5. Click Activate check-in
  6. First, select a name for the URL. Secondly, use that URL to access the check-in feature on a phone, tablet, or computer below
  7. Choose the length of the code that the users check-in with under Default code length. 
  8. Click Generate codes to create codes for all the users
  9. The codes can be exported to excel or can be found through the User directory later on
  10. Distribute the codes by clicking send an email containing codes to the users
  11. Click Save.


Use the URL that you created to open Winningtemp on a shared computer, tablet, or phone and the users can start to contribute to the temperature. 

When you create new users

If you create new users after you activate the Check-in feature, you generate codes for them in Settings -> Apps -> Check-in.



  • If the group admins in your organization have access to edit and invite users, they can also use the export button from the user directory to pull lists of all the check-in codes themselves.
  • You can use a third-party service to print a QR code poster that users can scan when signing in to the check-in solution. Your users scan the QR code and then enters their pin code, a quick and easy sign-in solution.

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Use "Check-in" to access Winningtemp without your own device


2021-12-03 - Added "When you create new users" section
2021-09-24 - Rewrote article and added steps to activate it.

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