How did we choose the questions for the Winningtemp surveys?

There are 60+ questions that rotate on a regular basis in the survey engine. Our AI-based system rotates the questions in order to understand why a user answers in a specific way. The first time the questions are sent out, they are sent at random - no one in the organization receives the same questions. All these questions are validated by researchers at Gothenburg University and are designed to find trends and behavioral patterns.

Sometimes you get the same question. If you do, it is because the AI has noticed that your answer “stands out” and it wants to dig deeper into your answers to know why you respond as you do. The AI can rephrase questions as a "follow-up" to see if the answers differ.

Sometimes you need to get similar questions a couple of weeks in a row in order to know if your temperature improves. If you always get different questions, you cannot compare your data and follow up on it. With the same rotating questions, you can see if the actions are impacting the well-being of the company.

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On our regular website, you can find even more in-depth information about the science behind the questions. Click here to download the document:

The science behind effective organisations: 9 factors that matter most 

How Winningtemp's AI helps you find trends and analyse the temperature

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