My training is an add-on in Winnigtemp, that helps you gather data about each employee's learning in your company. In "My Training" you can add e-learnings, instructor-led courses, seminars, workshops, and fairs.
When an employee has signed up for training, it will be visible in their PDF report. 

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If you have bought this function, there will be a tab in the left menu in the user view called "My Training". In the Admin view, it is called "Skills".

As a user, you can see your completed and planned courses and training under the tab "My training". Administrators add new courses under the tab "Skills".


Below, you'll see a few examples of how the function can look like in the system:

  • Create training programme (E-learnings can be added in TinCan- format).



  • The user view in "My Training". All courses are gathered here.



  • Example of an employee profile PDF with registered courses.



Are you curious and would like to know more about the My Training add-on? Contact your Customer Success Manager at Winningtemp!

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