A Milestone in Winningtemp is a conversation between a manager and an employee. The conversation can be about the employee's personal development, work situation, and cooperation within the team, among other things. These types of communications can be seen as milestones in the employees' time within the company. It is a time for reflection, constructive feedback, and talking about the employee's job satisfaction and ambitions. 

Many companies call these kinds of conversations performance reviews or appraisals. They tend to take around 60-90 minutes and are held on an annual basis.
Research has shown, however, that it is more motivating and engaging to have shorter but more regular chats with your manager. The relationship becomes stronger; it's easier to identify strengths within the individual and the team, as well as possible risks for stress or burnout.  

The annual performance review, or the more regular chats, can quickly be registered in Winningtemp and are visible for both the employee and manager. In this way, both can go back to an earlier conversation, pick up where they left off and continue on the employee journey within the company.

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