What is eNPS and how does it work?

eNPS is short for Employee Net Promotor Score, which measures whether the employees would recommend the company they work for or not.

The eNPS measures if employees would recommend the company they work for to their friends and acquaintances. In Winningtemp, the employees receive an eNPS question along with the survey once a month.

How does the question look like?

How likely are you to recommend working at [the company] to a friend or an acquaintance?
The question is answered on a scale from 0 to 10 where the answers are divided into three categories:

0-6 = ”Critics”. They do not recommend working at this company.

7-8 = ”Passives”. They do not have an opinion on this matter.

9-10 = ”Ambassadors”. They recommend this company as an employer.

How is eNPS calculated?

The percentual number of Ambassadors minus the percentual number of Critics equals the eNPS score, which can vary between -100 and +100. This means 0 is neutral and is usually seen as a positive score. 20 is considered a good score, and 50 is very good. You can even compare your score to the Winningtemp index or your industry index to make it more relevant. 


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