How does the Accuracy Score work?

The Accuracy Score helps you determine if you have collected a sufficient amount pulse surveys answers. It then indicates if you are able to take action on the temperature or not. 

The Accuracy Score uses AI and predictive models to calculate the accuracy, either for the entire category or a specific question. It can forecast how much the temperature score is likely to change if/when all employees respond to the specific question or category. 

The purpose of the accuracy score is to help you know WHEN you can take action on the data you’re seeing. The colour codes work exactly like a stop light.



High (green light - go!)

There have been a sufficient amount of replies to the questions, the temperature is unlikely to change if you receive more answers. This means that you can take action on the category or question. 

Medium (yellow light - you may proceed)

You can safely take action, if you get more answers the expected variation will be relatively minor (+-0.5).

Low (red light - please wait)

We advise you to wait for more answers. There haven't been enough answers to the questions/category, and the temperature is likely to change if more users respond.

No data

We don't have enough data to calculate a score yet. Wait until you have more replies.

Good to know

A category could have a high Accuracy score at the same time as a question within the category has a low score. That's due to the fact that there have been enough answers in total for the category but not for the question itself. It's safe to take action on the category, but we recommended that you wait for more replies before you take action on the specific question.


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2021-12-27 - Added "Good to know" section and rewrote stoplight section.

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