How do I create a custom survey?

Why create a custom survey?

  • Did the employees appreciate last Thursday’s conference?
  • What do the co-workers in the Finance department think of the new way of working that you recently implemented?
  • How do our new employees experience their first couple of months with us?
You can get measurable data on these types of questions by adding your own questions to the survey engine – it's an opportunity for you to get instant feedback from the employees. 

Start by creating your own custom categories and questions

  1. Switch to Admin view
  2. Click on Survey in the menu to the left
  3. Go to Question categories
  4. Click Custom
  5. If you haven’t already, create a category for your questions by clicking on Create category at the top of the page
  6. After saving your new category, it’s time to start adding some questions by clicking Create question. Don’t forget to add the question language translations that are used within your organisation.

Create a custom survey 

When you’ve set up all your new categories and questions, head on over to Custom Surveys in the top menu and click on Create survey at the top of the page.

Step 1—General settings

First off, let's choose a name for your survey and decide on some general settings. Decide if you want the survey to be sent at an interval or if you want it to be sent at a single time. If you select a single mailing, you can still send the survey again in the future.


Step 2—Add questions

Now it’s time to select the questions you want to include in your survey. You can select questions from one or several categories. Remember that you’ll later find the results of the survey under each category that the questions belong to. 


Step 3-4—Recipients & subject line

When choosing recipients for your survey, you can select the whole organisation, or select a few groups and/or segments.
To make the mailing more personal, you can write your own subject line or use the pre-filled suggestion. Another option is to use the first question in the survey as the subject line.

Step 5. Summary & survey launch

Now you’re almost done, and we've reached the summary page! Just make sure to double-check the summary before launching your survey.
Not ready to launch just yet? No worries, you can save the survey as a draft at any time, and also send a test email to selected users to make sure everything looks according to plan.

Well done, you just created your own custom survey!

Add your custom category to the Overview page

Once you've set up the survey, remember to add it to the overview page to be able to see the results. Follow: Change content in the Overview


What will my questions look like?

Custom questions have the same look and feel as our standard questions. In other words, four smiley options and a free text field where users can write a comment.

Good to know

  • The questions in the custom survey will have a randomized order and not the same order as stated in the custom survey tab. 
  • You can remind users who didn't respond to the survey three days after it's sent out. Click the three dots next to the mailing and select "Remind users". Go here: Mailing.

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