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Here at Winningtemp, we believe that everyone should enjoy a bit of positive feedback once in a while. The Praise feature helps with that and is a fun way to encourage positive feedback in your company, and at the same time helps increase team spirit.   

Who can access it?

  • System Admins
  • Support

Table of Contents

  • What is the Praise Feature
  • Get started: Managing Praise Settings
    • Praise Setting: Activate / Inactivate Praise
    • Praise Settings: Recent activities
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Get started: Managing Praise Settings

You will be able to manage your praise settings for your organization and configure the settings after what suits you the best.

  1. Navigate to the Admin view
  2. Click on Settings > Praise


Praise Setting: Activate / Inactivate Praise

The Praise feature is active by default. If you wish to change the settings you can easily choose to keep the feature active or inactive for your organization, by toggling on/off “Enable Praise”.



Praise Setting: Recent Activities

Choose your settings for how you wish to display Praises in Recent Activities in the User Overview page.


Setting 1: Activate / Deactivate Praises in Recent Activities

If you want to display Praises in Recent Activities on the Overview page, check the box Show Praises in Recent Activities to everyone in the company. You can also deactivate praises from Recent Activities by unchecking the box.


Setting 2: Comments in Praises in Recent Activities

Make the overview even more engaging by enabling comments in Recent activities Allow people to comment on praises in Recent Activities. By adding the ability to comment on each other's praise, you create a fun and interactive environment in Recent activities.


Setting 3: Allow employees to share their Praise message  

Here you can decide if you want to show all the information included in the praise or if you want to exclude the praise message, Allow the praise giver to share the praise message with everyone in the company. The person giving the praise will have the final decision on displaying the praise message or not.

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