What are Individual Insights?


Winningtemp analyses how you answer the survey questions and presents focus areas to help you prioritize. If a category has a positive, or negative trend, the Individual insights functionality lets you know right away.

Looking at the example below, the system has picked up that I have a positive trend when it comes to autonomy, participation and leadership. Click on improvements to see which focus areas you can work on next. It's, of course, much easier to focus on something if I know what to prioritize, and that's where individual insights come to the rescue.

We tend to focus more on working with our negative sides, but remember to focus on our strengths. It's just as important to highlight and celebrate our strengths as it is to work with the improvements.


Working with insights helps you as a user to gain more in-depth knowledge about your well-being at
work. Ultimately, the more knowledge we have about ourselves, the easier it is to work towards improving or maintaining good results.  

Where can I find Individual insights?

Click here to go to Individual Insights

What about anonymity?

At Winningtemp your anonymity is our top priority. That means that all the individual insights are for your eyes only. The insights are created based on your data and are only visible to you. 

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