Configure and use the Whistleblower feature

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How to use the feature as a company

Step 1.

Before you activate the Whistleblower function, it's important to discuss internally how to handle Whistleblowing reports. You must have an internal process in place which is compliant with EU or local regulations

Step 2.

Decide a responsible user, this user will receive and manage the Whistleblower reports in Winningtemp. 

Step 3.

Reach out to your Customer Success Manager at Winningtemp. He/she will activate the feature by adding the responsible user to the system. Note that the person must have a Winningtemp account and have System administrator privileges to be able to be a responsible user for the functionality.

Step 4.

Monitor and keep an eye out for any new reports. The responsible user will receive an email and notification in the system when you receive a new report.

Step 5.

Send a message to the user within 7 days to confirm that you've received the report. Use the conversations feature mentioned below. You have an obligation according to EU regulations to confirm that you've received the report within 7 days.

Step 6.

Investigate and take appropriate actions.

Step 7.

Send status update. EU regulations mention that the user should receive a status update after 90 days of reporting an issue. 


Step 8.

Close the report.

Contact the reporting user

If you need additional information from the user or if you want to send confirmation or status updates, you can use the conversations feature. Please note that this feature is only available for the responsible user. 

  1. Go to the Admin view
  2. Click Overview
  3. Click Comments and select Reports.

Here you'll find all the available Whistleblower reports, you can click on Conversation to start a conversation with the user. The user will remain anonymous throughout the entire interaction, but your name will be visible. 



System reminders

The system sends out reminders to the responsible person in the following two scenarios:

The acknowledgement reminder

According to EU regulations, the reporting user should receive a reply that the report is under investigation within 7 days of reporting. The responsible user uses the conversation feature in Winningtemp to send an acknowledgement that the report has been received. If the user hasn't received an acknowledgement within 6 days, the system will automatically remind the responsible user.

Status update

EU regulations also mention that the user should receive a status update after 90 days of reporting an issue. The system will remind the responsible person after 85 days to update the user on the progress.

Close a report

When the reports have been thoroughly investigated, you can close the report. The report will still remain visible, but you cannot add any further details to it. If there's a need to continue a closed report, create a new one and use the subject line in the closed one to link it to the new one. 

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