What are Smart segments?

When creating a custom survey, you can use smart segments to select the recipients based on user attributes. For example, picking employees that have worked less than a month, or sending out questions based on an age span.


When setting up a Custom survey, you can select the following smart segments:

Segment name

User attribute

Used for

Available segments

Employment tenure

Employed since

Onboarding surveys for new hires

< 1 month

1 month – 3 months

3 – 6 months

6 months – 1 year

1 – 2 years

2 – 4 years

4 – 6 years

> 6 year

Gender identity

Gender identity

Gender equality questions



Don’t want to answer

Non-binary / Other option

Time to separation

Employed until

When employees leave the company

< 2 weeks

2 weeks – 1 month

1 – 2 months

2 – 3 months

> 3 months



  Surveys to specific age groups

< 24 years

25 – 34 years

35 – 44 years

45 – 54 years

55 – 64 years

> 65 years


What to consider when using user attributes

To make sure the smart segments work as intended, enter as much information as possible in the user profiles. The more information you have available, the more powerful smart segments become.


What about users without user attributes?

If you select a smart segment, Winningtemp lets you know which of the users are missing the attribute on their profile. Click on the “X users” to see which users that will be excluded from the mailing due to insufficient information. Add the information on the user profile to include them to the smart segment.



Set up an onboarding/offboarding survey

Set up an Onboarding survey
Set up an Offboarding survey


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