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What is an integration?

Winningtemp can synchronize a multitude of data points from an external source system via integration. For example, creating new users or updating group belongings can be done in your HR tool and automatically synced to Winningtemp. Another popular integration is single sign-on (SSO) which enables an easy sign-in using your internal credentials.


What can you integrate with Winningtemp?

The subject of this article is the setup and workflow of a custom user integration, use one of the above links to read more about other types of integrations. 


What is a custom user integration?

Custom user integration is based on uploading files with pre-determined columns to a dedicated server set up by us in advance. On a daily basis (01.00 CET), the system downloads the file(s) and updates Winningtemp with any changes. 

Winningtemp can handle synchronizing user data, organizational structure, and segmentation, but these functions need to be divided into separate files. We define these as a user file, a group file, or a segment file. 


Project workflow 

  • The customer contacts their Customer Success Manager
  • Sign supplementary agreement
  • The Customer Success Manager places an order with the Technical project manager and the project manager makes contact 
  • Initial integration meeting (walk through the integration process and establish project parameters)
  • The customer provides a test file based on the previously established parameters 
  • Set up automated file transfer and drafting of integration documentation
  • Implementation of integration by Winningtemp developer
  • Deployment of integration 
  • Follow-up 

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