How can you as a user benefit from using Winningtemp?

Elevating the voice of employees

Winningtemp is a powerful employee feedback tool that helps you make every voice heard — in a way that's safe, meaningful, and reaches the right ears, in the right way. 


Bringing transparency to employee happiness

Time spent at work should feel satisfying — it's that simple. Winningtemp displays the real-time status of how work is feeling, across the 9 categories that research has found matter most to lastingly positive employee experience.

See how it's going for your organisation and your team on a scale of 1-10, and take targeted action to move the needle! 

Offer your perspectives — completely anonymously

Some conversations are important to have but are tricky to start. Our platform gives you a channel to voice your ideas, opinions, and concerns to management. You can also flag serious issues or incidences such as bullying, discrimination, and harassment. 

Strengthen self-leadership through action

Take the lead on issues that are important to you and your team. Temperature and Insights in Winningtemp serve as a springboard into meaningful action. Using the Actions feature you can turn your ideas for improvements into reality, track your progress, and measure impact. Note: the availability of Actions depends on how your company has set up Winningtemp.

Have an active say in your career development

Take the step up to a higher level of performance. Winningtemp empowers you to invite your managers to one-on-ones and vice versa. These conversations keep your career growth front and centre. Smart documentation on our platform helps these serve as a lasting record of your goals, progress, and agreements.

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