How can leaders benefit from using Winningtemp?

Lead effectively

Being a decision-maker isn't easy. But with Winningtemp, all of your decisions regarding your workforce can suddenly be rooted in an up-to-the-minute analysis of how employees are feeling.



Maximise your effectiveness as a leader

All the demands on your attention call for one thing: the knowledge that you’re moving the right things forward, at the right time. Use Winningtemp to check in on the status of employee wellbeing at any moment. What is going great? What is faltering that calls for more support?

Let the data lead you to the next right action, so you can provide the most effective and supportive leadership possible.

See around the corner

One of the critical tasks of a leader is to see into the future. Winningtemp lets you collect the insights that typically come in employee exit interviews — far before the exit occurs. Winningtemp’s AI gives you a detailed understanding of job satisfaction levels and turnover risk, as well as suggests the relevant actions to take to support your team members.

Develop leaders at every level

Good listeners and brave communicators: these are your future leaders. Winningtemp helps everyone in your organisation hear each other at a new level, and to say the hard things that need saying. The good things too! You and your next-generation leaders will find it intuitive to use Winningtemp to motivate and inspire.

Transparency that empowers

Winningtemp makes it possible to gather employee feedback, dynamically and at scale. Without overwhelming. The surveys enable all to make their voices heard, which translates into an easy-to-grasp “temperature” that can be seen by everyone in an open dashboard.

Managers can then collaborate with their teams to create action plans that move the needle on the issues most important to them.

Inspire a higher baseline for performance

Inspire employees to do the best work of their lives through consistent feedback and listening. Our platform helps ingrain the culture of feedback with features for career milestone conversations and follow-ups. Give your high-potential employees what they are looking for growth and advancement.

Crucial insights for remote leaders

Whether by choice or necessity, effectively managing remote teams is now a skill all leaders need. Winningtemp helps you “read the room” even when your teams are scattered. How stressed are employees feeling? How committed are they to fulfilling your organisation’s mission? Get the answers. On a scale of 1 to 10.

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