How can HR benefit from using Winningtemp?

Make a measurable impact on company culture

Achieve your boldest visions for employee wellbeing and thriving company culture. Winningtemp lets you visualise engagement levels, continuously access crucial employee feedback, and track the influence of HR initiatives — all on one intuitive platform.

illustra_HR2.jpgA bird’s eye view of company culture

Company culture is all-important — and yet it’s one of those things that tends to be felt rather than seen. How can you work with it and measure its change over time?

Rather than relying on your gut feeling, look to your real-time dashboard in Winningtemp to check the pulse of employee engagement and the health of your company culture.

Get all the details and take action, backed by data.

Support the mental health and wellbeing of employees

Nothing beats a personal check-in. The issue is — how to check in at the scale of tens of thousands of employees each week? Winningtemp's breakthrough technology opens the doors to employee feedback. Thanks to anonymous pulse survey responses and secure chat portals, employees can safely and regularly make their voices heard about issues impacting their work. 


Attract top talents — and keep them too

A dedication to open dialogue and realising the potential of each employee is the pathway to stand-out employer branding.

While continuing this work on creating a conscious culture, Winningtemp also helps you spot and understand flight risks. Get automatically notified about where there are talent turnover risks in your organisation, details about why it's happening, and concrete suggestions about what to do next. 


Measure employee experience dynamically

At its core, Winningtemp is a survey engine that intelligently captures employee feedback. In a way that's simple and enjoyable for everyone in your organisation, whether you're on-site, working remotely, or a blend of the two.

Say goodbye to the slog of annual employee engagement surveys. Winningtemp is constantly collecting valuable data and automatically distils the most important insights into the employee experience. Right. Now.

Help managers become better leaders

The relationships between team leaders and team members are where the rubber hits the road for company culture. Is there traction or friction?

Winningtemp gives your HR team real-time insights into the quality of leadership across all your departments. At the same time, it gives your managers the tools for better communication, giving and receiving constructive feedback, and developing the potential of their team members.

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