What is Temperature configuration? (for beta customers only)

This is a new feature available to beta customers only. The functionality will be available to all customers later this fall.

Note: the Temperature configuration tool is only available for System administrators. 

Temperature configuration

The organisational structure of a company can be complex, and in various scenarios, group or segment temperature is only visible to the System administrator at the highest point in the organisation. A reason for this could be depending on which groups or segments your users belong to.

To solve this, the Temperature configuration tool helps you visualise what you can change in an effort to make more temperature visible at a group or segment level. Make changes to a group or segment and see the effects of those changes before clicking save. Simply, a temperature configuration playground. All this, while still protecting the anonymity of our users.


Open the Temperature configuration tool

  1. Switch to the Admin view
  2. Click Administration
  3. Click Temperature Configuration

In the temperature configuration tool, or in the Organisation tab, you'll see different colours telling you if there's any room for improvement on how the group or segment is configured.

  • Green - Visible temperature
    This group or segment is working as intended, and there's no hidden temperature data in the group. No actions are needed. 

  • Yellow - Partly hidden temperature
    A group or segment with a partly hidden temperature means that a user/user's temperature has been anonymised (hidden) to protect anonymity. You can make modifications in an effort to make more data visible, but depending on how the group or segment is set up, it might not be possible to show everyone's temperature. Therefore, prioritise red groups or segments over yellow.

  • Red - Without visible temperature
    All temperature data in this group has been anonymised (hidden) to protect the anonymity of its users. In some scenarios, you can make group or segment changes, which allows for the temperature to be visible again.

  • Grey - Below anonymity threshold
    A grey group or segment, don't have enough users to meet the set threshold for anonymity. Read more here: How is Winningtemp anonymous?


How can I make more temperature data available?

In the temperature configuration tool, you have various methods to make more data visible in a group or segment:

Add more users to the group or segment Keep the group, or segment, up to date and add any new team members. If you are below the anonymity threshold, this will make temperature data available. 
Remove users from the group or segment Keep the group, or segment, up to date and remove any users who left the team. If a user is in two, or more, very similar groups, the temperature could be anonymised (hidden) to protect the anonymity of the user. Remove the user from any unnecessary group, or segment to make more data available. 
Remove users from other groups and/or segments See step above
Decrease the Anonymity threshold for your company Lower the anonymity threshold to show more data in the group.
Decrease the Similarity threshold

The minimum amount of unique employees across two groups and/or segments. The similarity threshold prevents the possibility to compare the difference between two highly similar, but not identical, groups and/or segments.

2022-06-01 - Article created

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