Create the first survey

Create the first survey

  1. Switch to the Admin view
  2. Click Survey 
  3. Click Edit
  4. Decide on the following survey settings

Start date

The first mailing date for your survey


How often would you like to send this survey to the employees?

Mailing weekday The weekday your employees receives the survey
Delay mailings for new employees

If you use our Onboarding survey, you can delay the standard survey for new employees. Learn more: What is an Onboarding survey? 

Number of questions per mailing

Based on the settings, the system will suggest a recommended survey length.


Question categories

  1. Click on Question categories
  2. Choose which questions and categories to include in the mailing
  3. Click on a question to edit the translation
  4. Activate all the questions you want to include in the survey
  5. Do you want to add custom questions to the survey? Read more: Add custom questions to the standard survey mailing

Read more: About the nine categories

Subject line

  1. Click on Subject line
  2. You can write a custom subject line for the survey or use predefined suggestions. Another option is to use the first question of the survey as the subject line. Add any translations needed in your organisation. 

More information: How can I make the subject line more personal?


Can I edit the questions?

Yes. We recommend that you only make minor changes to the question and try to avoid changing the nature of the question. Sometimes you may need to rephrase a question, for example, remove the word "leader" from the question: "Do you feel that you get support from your immediate manager/leader at XX when you need it"?


Ready to launch the survey?

  1. Click Launch survey 

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