Why is the temperature hidden?

Why is the temperature hidden?

Hidden temperature means that the group hasn't met the threshold for anonymity set by the system administrator. It can also mean that the group has been anonymised for other reasons to secure the anonymity of its users. In short, the group cannot present temperature. Hoover with your mouse over the question mark to read more about why the temperature has been hidden.


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How to avoid hidden temperature

Increase the engagement in the group

Talk to the team and make sure everyone is aware of the importance of regularly answering the surveys. The more answers you receive, the less temperature will be hidden due to anonymity reasons.

Use the Statistics page to learn more about engagement in the different teams. 

The organisational structure

A best practice is to create groups big enough to ensure that they can present temperature even if one or two users forget to respond. If you have more users in the groups than the actual anonymity threshold, there will be less hidden temperature. 

Read more about anonymity in Winningtemp - How is Winningtemp anonymous?

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