What are selectable contacts and how does it work?

Selectable contact

Depending on a user's responses to questions regarding their well-being and work situation, they may be given a prompt with the possibility to leave an anonymous comment or leave their anonymity for direct contact.

Who can be contacted?

  1. System administrators – Always selectable for all users in the instance
  2. Managers – Selectable for all groups and subgroups they administer
  3. Additional selected users

Adding a user as a selectable contact

  1. Go to the Admin View
  2. Select Administration and then User Catalogue
  3. Find the user in the list, or use the search function
  4. Select the profile and go furthest down on the page
  5. Check the box Selectable contact for all employees

A selectable contact does not need any additional role in the tool, they can be regular users with duties such as union representatives or safety representatives outside the tool.

Note! If the selectable contact does not have an e-mail address in Winningtemp the contact request will only be shown as a one-time notification within the tool, and cannot be returned after it’s been viewed. They are not logged or saved.

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