Smart Assistant for Conversations

Smart Assistant for Conversations is a feature that empowers managers in Winningtemp by using generative AI to analyze comments and suggest a reply to start or continue a conversation.

In Winningtemp anonymous comments from the surveys are the first initiating step towards a conversation with a manager. Creating a constructive and healthy dialogue with employees is sometimes difficult and timeconsuming but always necessary to create the trust and engagement that is needed to become a high performing team.

We offer Smart Assistant for Conversations to assist in making the process of handling multiple comments and conversations more manageable, as well as assist with inspiration and exploration of alternatives in how to approach a topic and creating a healthy dialogue. 


When can a manager use it? 

The Manager can only utilize the feature if the employee hasn't objected to the usage for their comment or conversation. The employee can at any time withdraw their permission during a conversation if they don’t trust or want the manager to use the feature for assistance, which disables the option.



An employee can disable the function either when writing a new comment or later in an ongoing conversation. The option for disable or enable the function for a conversation can be found in “conversation settings” in the mobile app or on top of the conversation on the desktop web version.

Comments and conversations created before the smart Assistant was activated will be marked as opted out per default to ensure the Smart Assistant only acts on conversations the employee have actively opted-in to. The Employee can choose to opt-in later for older conversations if the please

How does it work?

If the employee has not opted out of the feature, the Manager will have the following option in the conversation:


In these cases the Smart Assistant for Conversations will work in the background to analyse comments and conversations with the employee, and gather context that can be used for a suggestion.

This process will not run if the user has opted out, which means that if a user opts in shortly before attempting to use the assistant for a comment the context gathering could take some extra time to run.

When the Generate Suggestion-button is pressed, an answer will be placed in the text box for the manager to edit before sending it. If the suggestion isn't to the Managers liking it can be removed from the textbox and another can be generated.


How does it handle sensitive information? 

The feature includes a function that analyzes the comment and conversation for direct identifiable data that could be considered sensitive information using a Named Entity Recognition (NER) model.

Before the suggestion is generated, if some sensitive information was identified by the NER, it flags the conversation and scrubs the identified word or phrasing from the context gathered to minimize the risk of spreading any sensitive or personal information. 


Keep in mind that the Smart Assistant for Conversations is a tool to assist with the conversation, and it is ultimately the manager doing the communication. Make sure to read through the conversation and use your best judgement before responding. If there is too much sensitive information in the conversation restrain yourself from using the Smart Assistant for Conversations.


When will it be available?

We are currently testing the feature with a few customers. If you want to apply to join their ranks, you can contact your Customer Success Manager.

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