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Welcome to the Winningtemp Labs!

Here you can read more details about the latest features we are working on to better understand what they contain and what to expect if turned on for your organisation.


Where do I find Winningtemp Labs?

The Winningtemp Labs page can be found in the menu under the profile picture up to the right corner, or you can use this link. The page is only visible for users with the systemadministrator role

What is a Winningtemp Lab-feature?

Good product development requires building and validating as quickly as possible and the best way to do that is to include real users and customers as early as possible.

We do that by conducting product discovery in the beginning of the development; by interviewing users to better understand what problem to address and find a solution for. When we have a solution in mind, we want to try it out as quickly as possible and that is why we have the Labs with solutions for customers to use.

Labs are features and solutions that are still work in progress, so everything is not fully polished but still working and aiming to solve some problem or issue we have identified. By enabling the feature your organization will get an update of the product to try out that feature and providing feedback to us to improve or adjust it if needed before a wide release.


What happens when we enable a lab?

It depends on the feature, but we will always aim to have information in the product to inform and onboard users of what's new in the product to make the experience as smooth as possible. We will also add “Beta” markings next to or in relation to the features or functionalities that are still work in progress so users know what to expect and can provide feedback if they please. There will also in relation to the feature be a simple way to provide feedback on a specific lab you have enabled.

important to notice that turning on Labs affects the whole organisation and not only you, different Labs do different things but we recommend that you have a conversation internally on what Labs your organisation want to try


Can we disable a lab if we want to?

Yes, then everything goes back to as it was.

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