Winningtemp Academy

Level up your organizations and team skills on how to build engaging teams in the Winningtemp Academy. From a series of short, insightful videos to inspire users to value, to getting started fast and helping you get the best out of Winningtemp.

Who is the Academy for?

The academy is for any user who wishes to level up their learning and skills becoming a Winningtemp pro.
Our system is designed to display videos most relevant to the user's role, whether it is an employee, manager, or system administrator, and based on your organization's current plan.

Where can I find the Academy?

Users can find the Academy in Winningtemp, accessible both from the Admin and User View.

Getting Started

To get started with the new Academy;
  • Step 1: Navigate to the Academy in the left sidebar.
  • Step 2: Watching your first 3 videos is a good way to start to familiarise yourself with the Academy.




Video language

If a video is available in your system language, it will be displayed first. Otherwise, the English video will be shown.


Tab: Learnings

Under the 'Learnings' tab, you can explore short insightful videos that cover the topics;
  • How to
  • Learning more about
  • Setting up your team (only available for System Administrators)

We will continuously add more content to the Academy for your organization to get access to. Keep an eye out for the "New Tag" for the latest added videos.


Tab: Getting Started

The 'Getting Started' tab offers introductory training, providing an overview of Winningtemp. Depending on the employee's role, they will see the most relevant video, such as 'Introduction to Winningtemp,' 'Introduction for Leaders,' and 'Introduction to System Administrators.'
Note: As a System Administrator you will have access to all three videos.


Statistics Report

System Administrators will see a button, "Report", with statistics on the activation within the organization on a role and team level. When downloading the Report you can filter out a specific period and the group you are interested in.



Introduction Task (Onboarding "Star")

The introduction videos under the 'Getting Started' tab in the Academy will also be available in the introduction task in the employee's onboarding process.
Please note that the videos are only available if you have enabled the 'Introduction Task' for your organization in the Settings.

Users will view the video most relevant to their role, including introduction videos for System Administrators, Leaders, and Employees. These videos are available in English, Swedish, and Norwegian, with the employee's system language determining the video language.


If you would like to make adjustments, it will be easy to do so in Settings.
  • Step 1: Navigate to the Admin view > Settings
  • Step 2: Tab: General
  • Step 3: Enable On/Off "Introduction video as a task".






Will I be able to add my videos to the Academy?

In the Academy, adding customer-specific videos is not part of the scope of the Academy.
We are exploring options for future iterations where you, as a customer, can contribute with videos shared within the Community in the Academy. This approach fosters a community-led effort with shared insights and learning across organizations. For instance, this could include a video on "Cultivating a Positive Feedback Culture through Praise".

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