2023/06/27 - Stay up-to-date, share ideas and test new innovation! ๐ŸŽ‰



Introducing Our New Platform Sections: Enhancing Transparency and Innovation!

We're thrilled to unveil three exciting additions to our platform.

First up is the Winningtemp Product Portal, fostering transparency and gathering your valuable input for product development. Vote on future features, share your suggestions, and track the progress of various functions.

Next, welcome to Winningtemp Labs, (customer access only) where innovation takes center stage. Be among the first to test new features and witness our active commitment to enhancing your experience. Simply activate or deactivate features with a single click in your profile.

Lastly, stay informed with our What's New section, providing the latest news and feature updates. Discover a world of possibilities as we continue to evolve together.


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