2023/11/21 - Guided Temperature Meetings is here! πŸš€

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Lead your team towards success using our Guided Temperature Meetings!πŸ†

An easy way to discuss temperature result, commit to solutions and follow up on the progress - with zero preparation and 100% engagement!

Guided Temperature Meetings provides managers with ready-made templates with engaging topics that are highly relevant to their team. Its based on the appreciative inquiry framework to support meaningful, positive and productive discussions.

Through the interactive elements, managers can actively involve the employees during the meeting and collectively establish commitments and actions together πŸ’œ

What you will get from using Guided Temperature Meetings:

  • Higher engagement from users
  • Time saving for all managers
  • Formalised structure
  • Automated documentation
  • Support efficient communication
  • Personalised experience
  • Enables high level overview for leadership


πŸ‘“Watch our CPO Kristofer Hillhammar and Product Designer Sara Westerlund when they are presenting the feature, how it works and the benefits of using it together with your team!

πŸ“–Read more about what Guided Temperature Meetings are and how to work with them.

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