Bullying and discrimination

In this guide, we will take a deeper look into how it works when someone answers negatively to questions about bullying and discrimination. Please note that the steps in this guide might look a bit different depending on which settings your system administrator has activated.

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  1. When an employee selects an orange or red smiley (strongly disagree or disagree) in response to the questions about harassment and bullying, the user will immediately be directed to a follow-up page where they will be invited to provide additional context to their answer. They are also provided with the option to send their comment to their closest manager or a system administrator.

  2. If the user clicks Yes they can choose a contact person. The user is notified that if they send a message to the contact person, their message will NOT be anonymous.

  3. If the user selects No, they will be encouraged to elaborate by describing their experience through predefined questions. They will be able to answer the following questions:

    a. In what context have you experienced discrimination?
    b. What is the experience associated with?

  4. After this, the user will be encouraged to further describe the situation in the text field.

  5. The answer is then displayed in Winningtemp’s comments section and will by default be visible to the responsible manager as well as the system administrators.
  6. The responsible manager or system administrator can click "What is this?" to find a description explaining a bit more about bullying and discrimination.

  7. The last step is to take appropriate action internally.

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