2024/04/17 - Winningtemp + Braive = Improved mental health 📣



Winningtemp Partners with Braive to Enhance Employee Well-being!

Winningtemp has officially partnered with Braive, a mental health treatment platform.

Our AI-powered survey engine gathers anonymous feedback on employees' work situations and well-being, transforming it into actionable insights to help leaders reduce stress and turnover. While Winningtemp identifies organizational challenges and recommends science-based actions to boost engagement, Braive offers personalized self-care treatments for issues such as anxiety and stress.

Braive, developed by psychologists with over 20 years of research, offers programs of 3-12 modules accessible via an app. "Braive empowers every individual to improve their mental well-being and tackle the challenges in their everyday life. With our tool, the Mental Health Check, we help people to map their challenges and match them with a program tailored to their needs" says Hermine Bonde Jahren, CEO and founder of Braive.

The Winningtemp and Braive partnership will be available as an add-on service to any Winningtemp pricing plan.

Curious to find out more? Contact your Customer Success Manager.

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