Change content in the Overview

Change your own view (for group- and system administrators)

  1. Go to the Admin view
  2. Go to Overview
  3. Click Customise overview
  4. Choose an applicable category
  5. Select/deselect the different temperatures you want to add or remove
  6. Click Save.


Here you can configure what you'd like to see on your Overview page. You can for example decide which index you'd like to compare yourself to. If you've created your own question categories, you can also here toggle if you want to show your custom categories in the Overview.


Change user- or group administrator's view (for system administrators) 

As a system administrator, you can also change what your group administrators and users see on the overview page. These changes will take the user role into consideration and make sure that everyone in the organization sees what you want them to see.

Note: If a group or system administrator changed their own Overview page as described in the first part of the article, these changes will not override that.   

  1. Switch to the Admin view
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Go to System
  4. Click Temperature
  5. Choose either Admin view or User view 
  6. Make your changes
  7. Click Save



Onboarding or offboarding surveys

To be able to see the temperature for an onboarding or offboarding survey, you need to first add the new categories to the overview page. You will then be able to see the temperature in the overview just like any other category. Here's how to do it: 

  1. Go to the Admin view
  2. Go to Overview
  3. Click Customise overview
  4. Choose Supplemental
  5. Select Employee onboarding and/or Employee offboarding
  6. Click Save.


2022-03-14 - Added last section
2021-10-20 - Added more details in each step

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