Why did I not receive the Winningtemp survey?

Steps to check 

  • Is the e-mail address correct in your profile?
    1. Go to My profile and click edit
    2. Make sure that the spelling of your email is correct

  • Is the email in your junk or spam folder?
    1. Go to the spam or junk folder in your mail client
    2. If you found the email in the spam folder, try to mark the sender as trusted to make sure that future mailings work. In some scenarios, you might need to get in touch with your local IT to mark the sender as trusted.

  • Have your system administrator paused the mailings? This usually happens during summer or other holidays. 
    1. Get in touch with your internal system administrator to check if the mailings have been paused. 

  • Check your notification settings in Winningtemp and make sure you are notified correctly.
    1. Go to My profile
    2. Click Notifications
    3. Under Questions, make sure that at least one option for notifications is turned on.

Still need help

If none of the steps above didn't resolve your issue, please contact our support through the Help icon in the bottom right corner.

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