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In Winningtemp, you will see a total temperature recording which takes into account all the questions, as well as the temperature, divided into our nine categories. These nine categories, which are derived from our extensive research with the University of Gothenburg, are Leadership, Job Satisfaction, Meaningfulness, Autonomy, Work Situation, Participation, Personal Development, Team Spirit, and Engagement.

In this article, we will describe each category. For example, what is Meaningfulness? And, what kind of questions are included in each category?


Leadership is all about how the employees are perceiving their leaders when it comes to trust, cooperation, communication, feedback, and support. If they feel that their manager is around when they need to get in contact with them. 


Job Satisfaction

This category reveals if the employees enjoy their tasks, if they are having fun at work, and if they are motivated and committed. In short: Are the employees happy and satisfied?



Do the employees feel that their job is meaningful to them? And do the managers show appreciation? This is a crucial category that shows the employees' inner feelings, as well as if they feel that their work positively affects society.



Autonomy is about job control and influence. Do the employees feel that they can make their own decisions regarding their work situation? 


Work Situation

This category includes questions about stress and if the employees feel that they have the right conditions to be able to do a good job. Questions about bullying, harassment, and discrimination are included in this category too. 



Do the employees feel confident in their right to express their opinion? Are they proud of working for the company? Do they feel that they are able to influence decisions made by their department?  


Personal Development

This category is about personal development. If the employees feel that they learn new things and that they get the learning and development opportunities they need in order to be able to do a good job. 


Team Spirit

Team spirit includes collaboration, communication, and respect. And if the employees feel that they, as a team, work well together and learn from each other.



Do the employees feel engaged at work? Does their job bring out the best in them? This category also includes the important question: Do you feel that the company you are working for is the best possible employer for you?



Do you want to drill down the temperature per question? Click the Responses button to see all the questions in the category. 



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